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Ciaran is one of Northern Ireland's leading experts on surrogacy and is a member of a number of national organisations which work to improve the service and opportunities for families of all kinds.



Within the UK you cannot enter a legal contract with a surrgate - the arrangments must be altruistic. The surrogate is considered the biological mother and her name will be placed on the birth certificate. If she is married her husband will be recorded as father. All parties will later have to consent to a parental order which will change the official records. However strict time limits apply so seek advice early.

CASE STUDY - Online Donor


Clients' were shocked when an online donor applied for contact with the child.



A couple entered informal arrangement with a gamete/sperm donor outside of a licensed fertility clinic thus the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act did not apply. It means the gamete donor was entitled to seek parental rights. This test case continues before the High Court.


CASE STUDY - International Surrogacy


Foreign clients using UK surrogate needed court orders to return to home .



Because the couple were not domiciled in the UK they could not avail of a perental order. Ciaran issued a Declaration of Parentage together with other ancillary applications allowing the commissioning father to be recognised and the family returned home.



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