Ciaran Moynagh

Solicitor Advocate


Ciaran Moynagh is one of Northern Ireland's leading equality, human rights and family lawyers and a partner at Phoenix Law - Human Rights Solicitors. He is also a regular media commentator on legal issues and court proceedings.


Ciaran's cases include the legal challenges seeking recognition of same-sex marriage (Petition X) in NI, the successful judicial review protecting the privacy rights of transgender people (AS JR), proceedings to overturn the ban in NI on paying sex workers and securing the legal recognition for humanist weddings in NI.



Areas of Expertise


Ciaran specialises in landmark judicial reviews allowing his clients to challenge decisions made by public authorities in Northern Ireland and across the UK. Several of his cases have directly led to changes in the law.


Ciaran led successful attempts to overturn a ban on humanist marriages in Nothern Ireland. He has also helped challenge a decision to prosecute a mother who procured abortion pills for her daughter in Northern Ireland. Ciaran led attempts to challenge the introduction of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act 2015 which criminalised sex workers. He also acts on behalf of a same-sex couple who married in England and are demanding their union being fully recognised in Northern Ireland, which under current legislation it isn't.


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Ciaran is a partner at Phoenix Law, a Belfast based human rights firm.


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